EASR’s Best UK Road Trips

country road at sunset

We’re at that point of the year now – the longest day has been and gone, spring has sprung and now all we’ve got is time to enjoy the perfect warm and sunny weather, and what a summer it’s turning out to be. If you were with us a few months ago, we used the excitement of the beginning of spring to talk about how anybody in the UK (with a car of course) can have a crack at the great American pastime of road-tripping! 

While here in the UK, we might be a bit limited for overall space, we’re lucky to have some of the most beautiful scenery, some of the best roads in the world and the brilliance of being just a bit smaller than most other counties are, is that everywhere is pretty much a stone’s throw away. 

Here at EASR, we’ve done our fair share of scenic driving and real road-tripping, so we’ve gathered together some of England, Scotland and Wales’ best road-tripping tours and roads to explore with friends, family or even solo!

Let’s jump right in!

Atlantic Highway – Devon to Cornwall


We’re kicking off our list today with one of the most beloved road-trip destinations in England, which always seems like a good place to start!

The Atlantic Highway denotes a stretch of the A39 from Barnstable in Devon until it reaches Fraddon in Cornwall – however, many road-trippers like to cap this trip off in the seaside town favourite of Newquay in Cornwall.


This stretch of coastline, in a lot of people’s eyes, gives some of the road trips in different continents a run for their money – while the road itself doesn’t run that much alongside the coast, the views of the Atlantic from Bude, Camelford and Wadebridge are some of the best in the world. 

While perfect for surfers as there are some of Cornwall’s best spots along the way, this road trip is really for anyone who needs any justification that England has some of the finest views in the world.

Land of the Lakes – Lake District


Lake District has always been shrouded in the mystery of magic, history and sheer natural beauty, and at a staggering 2,632 square kilometres, this magnificent national park is the second biggest in the UK. 

It’s hard to describe the beauty of the Lake District to someone who has never experienced it, but if it is enough to enrapture the hearts of the likes of Beatrix Potter and William Wordsworth then surely it’s worth a shot.

So, let’s plan out this incredible Lake District road trip – we’re going North from the town of Kendal, up through the National Park following the A591 toward Windermere – from there it’s your choice, as the picturesque beauty of the Land of the Lakes is really all around you, however, we suggest visiting Grasmere, and visiting Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage home.


Village Hopping Norfolk 


This one is definitely a bit of us! If you couldn’t already tell, we absolutely love Norfolk, and when you drive about it as much as we do, it’s quick to realise why. The diversity of our beautiful countryside scenery and our magnificent coastline, make visiting the some of the oldest towns and villages in the UK feel like stepping into a dream.



The beauty of a village hopping road trip is that it’s really all up to you – there are so many spots all over the county to visit, all with their own unique characteristics, which means if you’re travelling with family or friends it’s easy to choose where to go, just ask what do you want to do?

If you want to get a headstart on the planning process, however, let us refer you back to a Norfolk Village Hopping Guide that was put out a couple of months ago, there is a small selection of some of our favourite spots from all over the county, you can also find some other recommendations for activities or food and drink!

Black Mountain Pass – Wales 

Taking it out of England now, and to one of the most scenic countries in the world – that’s right, we’re going to Wales! Specifically, we’re trekking up the A4069 that traverses the winding and rising roads that cross the Black Mountains from Llandovery to Gwuan-Cae-Gurwen. 

We’re going to just throw out a warning here, however, that this particular stretch of road, while not overtly dangerous, should be taken with a bit of caution due to its hairpin turns, bumps on the road and of course a few drop-offs! 

That being said, Black Mountain Pass is widely considered to be the best driving road in Wales – however, even in the passenger seat, you are sure to be in for a great ride when looking out at some of the most postcard-ready scenes in the UK has to offer!

So there you have it!

We hope you’ve found a little bit of inspiration to get out in your motor and take a brand new adventure, maybe even somewhere closer than you thought possible! At EASR, our aim is to keep your automobile running as smoothly, and as stylishly as possible – from our bespoke alloy diamond cutting services to our paintless dent repairs and re-sprays, our services are here for you!

Safe Travels!